Saturday, July 5, 2008

My "ideary" and reviving the "ufsnack" mailing list

Today is a feed day - both twitter and

  • - Probably you also have those momentary flashes of insight you just need to write down somewhere. Now I now what to do with them, I'll SMS them to my twitterjaiku "ideary"! Also this goes along the line of "putting URLs on thoughts", I would just make it easier to edit/comment/expand on ideary posts too, anyone who can teach me microblogging properly? (Update: Jaiku seemed a little bit more flexible and nicer, so I grabbed that instead)

  • - Once upon a time I think there used to be a mailinglist for Young Scientists (FUF) called "ufsnack". This is the web2.0 version of it, a linkfeed and we have chat rooms and stuff (forums are down for the summer?! :-( ) where we can communicate as well!

(Actually we already also use to share links in the basvrak and websmurf groups)

Just visit those pages and subscribe to the RSS feeds!

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