Friday, July 4, 2008

MacBook Air - an un-revolutionary and still uncomfortable laptop

Apple really don't have it easy. While Microsoft make business almost just by existing, from Apple we expect perpetual revolution. The MacBook Air is really no such revolution, even with the price cut from very expensive weak laptop to pretty expensive weak laptop. The effects of that solid-state drive are also still unimpressive.

You would have to do this with an MBA as well Frankly I don't really care for the world's thinnest laptop beacuse it is still a laptop and except for being light weight and thus easy to carry around, it is still every bit as uncomfortable. You still have to have two hands available to type, you still have to be careful not to bend or crack the fragile little thing and it's still not comfortable on the train or bus and definitely not on the morning tram-ride. I want something truly portable and still usable (for typing/coding/reading) from Apple. Please? Considering how uncomfortable and ugly looking the Eee PC seems (what's up with that unused screen space anyway?!), you'd think the market may have room for a great UMPC.

Even without buttons, and being a mediocre cellphone, the iPhone on the contrary is a pretty sizable revolution, and not because it is comfortable. It has revolutionized what people expect from cell phones when it comes to ease of use and configuration and how many features you can cram into one well-designed, small unit. Also mobile internet and web-use (they're not necessarily identical) has been revolutionized by the iPhone, application-starved cell network operators are cheering as iPhone users on average use packet data (that's what operators call the Internet) 30 times as much as other cellphone users.

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