Monday, June 30, 2008

OpenTTD - All work and no play makes CJ a dull boy

As life has been really busy recently, I'm working from home and it's both a bit uncomfortable and choatic, yesterday I just had to break out the old OpenTTD (which may or may not be an acronym of "Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe"). I have mentioned it before, but it always brings me a smile as I'm reminded that my classmate Ludvig Strigeus largely built or was was involved in both OpenTTD, ScummVM, µTorrent and now is working on Spotify. Impressive guy!

As I played not on the easiest setting and had forgotten how to signal trains, I wasn't particularly successful and restarted one game and slowly went bancrupt on the second, but still, it was lovely.

Transport Tycoon remains a very addictive game, it's not very good for any sort of realistic simulation and you always tend to end up in a mess or just filthy rich, but still it is a nice way to tickle that brain and your sense of dealing with what's urgent. :-)

Which reminds me I've got both work and other play I want to get done, ta'ta!

PS. You can download the game from the homepage, and necessary data files can be found here

(Update: It's really too nerdy, but because I'm playing around a bit with screencasting and I wanted to show someone my Transport Tycoon transport network, here we go: , recorded and uploaded with Jing which I really recommend for those simple screenshots or explanative screencasts)

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Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Playing on the "Normal" level, it's really starting to be a bit of a challenge to stay within the limits of the loans and achieve profitability - the first years you must make sure to only go for the cheapest and most profitable options, and sure enough, even when I had a large pile of money after a while and started doing expensive stuff and lost track of profitability... bancruptcy. But its fun! :-)