Sunday, June 15, 2008

No, this is the world's coolest bike! (City Bike "Conference Bike")

When it comes to crazy ideas, Fredrik Härén has mentioned mashing up the concepts of karaoke and a taxi ride ( = "karaoke taxi", it's a great success in some southasian country) and I wrote before how cool I think the Uno segway-turned-motorbike is... but this is absolutely adorably crazy! This I actually ran into something while biking around in old town - the "7-person party tandem bike"!

The company City Bike calls it a "conference bike". What it is is simply seven seats on a frame, with tandem pedals connected by a circle of universal joints. Everyone pedals, the guy in the back steers with a solid-looking steering wheel and the passengers can put their glasses in the cup holders in the middle. I can't wait to try it out for a night on town! Also, I envy the advertisement potential of this monstrosity...

There are so many reasons for not doing this kind of venture, I can imagine the conversation - "What about the legality of a seven-person bike vehicle, or the insurance issue? Has anyone else tried this before? Nevermind, let's do it!" Christian Rudolf has written about (in Swedish) about the entrepreneurship spirit of my home village Gnosjö as summed up by "generosity and helpfulness as a strategy", which I think is maybe at least one side of a multifaceted truth... but if I would similarly sum up Estonia, it would be (at least today) "audacity and disregard for experience as a strategy". Several times have I met Estonians who want to do or achieve something, where the Swede would argue for how it would not work, but the Estonian does not care. "Estonians are great, we have wifi and the most high-tech country in the world!" boasts the Estonian, and like a bumble-bee... sometimes they of course succeed and manage to soar. There are several traits shared between the Estonian and the Gnosjö spirit, though they are still very much not the same. Read more about how I feel about moving from Sweden to Estonia in the Emigrant Blog.

Finally, remember that there are no shortcuts to the perfect sound (notice Amazon customer tags such as "snakeoil" and "waste of money" - product page here and the Swedish hificlub selling praising the same cable)!

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