Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Last.fm event + flickr mashup bargain and revolutionizing your Internet citizenship

When I was in Gothenburg I attended a concert with my friend Jolta's band Tongångarne and made a sweet bargain out of it. Since I was anyway lugging my camera around I elected myself the event photographer and sold the pictures for a signed copy of the album being released (and a good release party it was, for a charming album!). This is all nice and good, but I also put the nicest of the pictures (which are pretty red-tinted, I know and am sorry...) on my flickr account, registered an event on the band's last.fm page and tagged the pictures with the proper event tag, and voila, the event has photos attached!

Now this sounds very complicated, but the thing is that it goes along the lines of everything else related to web2.0 and the social web - it's really easy to actually do, the complex thing to understand is what you can do and how it benefits other. Creating the event was just a matter of clicking a button on the band page, typing in the name of the event, the venue and the date. Someone had already registered info for the venue "Musikens hus", so I just selected that and clicked confirm. However, the accumulated effect of having people registering events on last.fm, connecting them to cities, venues and dates, discussing them and photographing them, it becomes an amazing crowd thing!

The one to recently really succeed in explaining all this is definitely CommonCraft's Lee and Sachi LeFever with their cute animated videos on youtube, check it out below. In plain English. Also on the Young Scientists' new forum, Gustav Johansson recently wrote a post (in plain Swedish) about TED - ideas worth spreading, that's worth checking out too.

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