Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buy bye privacy - I have joined facebook

So finally I have given in, I have joined facebook. One friend too many mentioned collaborating through a facebook app, and considering my revised view of integrity I have finally decided to give in and join this borg. Because, on today's internet, everyone know's you're a dog and you might as well be somewhat in control of it:

My name is Carl-Johan Sveningsson, I was born in Gnosjö, Sweden on the 25th of January 1981, my email address currently is cj.sveningsson(a)gmail.com, my S/MIME fingerprint is D1:50:3A:C3:76:FD:37:95:58:4D:A4:F1:A9:1E:D4:F9:49:0C:8C:95 and my OpenID is http://cjsveningsson.myopenid.com . This is me

On the other hand, I have a fascination with sousveillance and neoism pseudonyms, have just tried out FiSH IRC encryption (bulky and works so-so), I discuss encryption with #basvrak @ EFnet and have just signed up to FRApedia.se. So I think I'll be fine anyway... I hope.


† herzleid † said...

Wow. I'm still one of those people (rapidly decreasing in number) who still haven't given in to the Dark Side that is Facebook. I'm still reluctant to have my name and face online, I miss the days when Internet was anonymous and I feel a little discomfort every time I Google myself and get far too many hits to my liking... (A reason as good as any to finally decide on a name for my business so I can start marketing THAT instead of my own name...)

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Yes, I definitely understand and agree with the uneasyness of that. Though the way it works you can of course always create yourself new pseudonyms and just act as them, you don't have to act under your true name online. The issue is that these pseudonyms can be distinguished as fictive precisely because it does not have many connections. The most successful I know like this is an old acquaintance Anders who told everyone he's Kenny... Kenny Starfighter. And there are plenty who do not know him by any other name.