Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two very nerdy jokes

If you understand both of these jokes right away I beg you to comment on this post! Let's start out with a control theory joke:

Q: Why do Eastern European airlines fly half empty?
A: There must be no poles in the right half-plane
Secondly, we have a hardware-optimized programming joke:
Adam and Eve were walking through the forest when they came across some snakes with chain saws cutting down trees and making rustic furniture. Adam asked, "what are you doing?"

One of the snakes hissed, "God told us to go forth and multiply ... but we're just adders, we can't multiply without log tables"

(Update: There are of course more excellent nerdy jokes. Go ahead, knock yourselves out)


† herzleid † said...

You forgot to mention they're HORRIBLY BAD nerdy jokes =P

*cry* I miss the nerds

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Come on?! They're awesome jokes, in fact, this is probably the only thing more awesome I can think of right now!

Amey said...

Ok, the second one was good, but the first one sucked :P

BTW how about changing your blog's language to english since you post in english? I had to hover my mouse over a bunch of links to find the "Post a comment" link

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

@Amey You only say that because you don't know about Nyqvist or stability criteria! :-)

Thanks for the remark! I noticed that only yesterday the first time, it's under the settings page and then formatting. It was tricky enough to find, but now it's fixed

Amey said...

Actually, I know all about frequency response and zeroes and poles, thank you very much ;)
I actually had to struggle to get the literal meaning of the joke, about Poles in the Right-half.. :P

† herzleid † said...

Did you see this in my shared items btw?

FUF has more members than most of the political parties youth associations. ;)