Monday, July 5, 2010

Social iPhone games with OpenFeint - just add friends!

I am looking for friends to play with! Facebook apps are all good, but the real recent revolution in games is the iOS platform (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch). I love the way the iPhone has revived casual gaming with small, simple and fun games.

The thing which is surprisingly missing from most games still is the social factor. When we were kids, the only thing me and Lada had to amuse ourselves with was IR pong between our Palm Pilots during lectures, and while OnLive with social features like brag shots and spectators during tournaments is still to take off, I'm settling for OpenFeint on the iPhone.

As is usually the case with applications and IT habits, you need to reach out to people to learn of their preferences, which is why I'm writing this blog post. I really want to know if you're playing any OpenFeint games! Later I hope to write a post about iPhone apps in general. Leave your comments!

I'm asking for competition for example in:
And as you can see in the attached screenshots, these are some games my friends seem to play (but I can't really know if it's currently or just old stuff):


zebi said...
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Free Iphone Games said...
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Puppy Games said...

Facebook application are also exciting to play but there are now also iPhone applications and games that you can also play together with your friends and it is also one of bonding with your friends.

david said...

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