Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Sweden, at SIME

Hastily, as I got an invitation to the blogger's meet-up at SIME - Scandinavian Interactive Media Event, I decided last Saturday to go to Sweden over the week! I'm going to Gothenburg as well for more meetings late Thursday or early Friday, so catch me if you can!

This is awesome, seeing so many cool people and I'm very busy, very sweaty :-)

Non-exhaustive list of the people I've had great meetings while in Stockholm. Please comment if you met me I've left you out!:

  • Henrik Ahlen, Alfabravo
  • Fredrik Evertsson, cousin and business student
  • Emil Fredriksson, cousin working at Spotify
  • Anreas Ehn, Spotify
  • Judith, blogger
  • Peter Sandberg, MoYuMe
  • Joi Ito, Creative Commons

I'm such a fanboy sucker


Johan Myrberger said...

Hi Carl-Johan,

found your blog after meeting you briefly at SIME - I was the blogger who arrived 2nd after you before just before 1 pm.


Joakim said...

satt bakom dig i mitten haha

sjysst blogg kolla gärna in min med ...

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

@Johan and @Joachim, cool to see that you found your way here! I really enjoyed the blogger meetup and happy you like my place too - to Joakim, I'm really into education and you may notice my FUF banner down to the side of my blog. Is this something we possibly could achieve some informal collaboration on?

aboooooodbus said...
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joakim said...

yes CJS

it is certainly something we could collaborate on informaly ....!

I'm into education, for kids, tweens adults, PR and marketing ...

until next time ,,,
happy new year!