Thursday, March 19, 2009

Translated feeds in Google Reader

Two pictures say more than thousands of words, so check out how you auto-translate feeds in Google Reader, this time enabling me to follow the Chinese social aggregator site sr.ju690:

... aaaand... voila! :

Of course, it works also for less exotic languages than Chinese, such as if you want to follow a Swedish or Estonian site but don't read the language.

Also, seriously, check out the extremely easy-to-use translation tools for 1-click translations from your browser's toolbar (it has opened the non-Swedish Internet for my parents) and the excellent translated search.


=E= said...

So that's how you're able to follow my blog :)
Good job.

† herzleid † said...

Except of course auto translation doesn't really work on any complicated masses of text without becoming garbled junk ... But sure, nifty for getting a general idea on a topic, but excruciating for reading any longer pieces or in-depth analyses of anything ... in my personal opinion

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

@Eveliis, yes of course, isn't it cool?! :-)

@HL, well yes, no. It's not any quality at all. But when you're dependent on getting any translation, or when it's your only faint light over the language barrier... eh, into the language cave... ? Then auto translation can be pretty cool I think. It's really interested for me to see what the Chinese or Russian-language internet is buzzing about