Thursday, February 3, 2011

Garage48 and civil society in entrepreneurship

Second blog post in a row now about the Garage48 HUB. Only - in between I have attended an awesome Garage48 event in Helsinki, where we created the service.
Actually what I wanted to write a note about this time was this:

That's the diploma that Garage48 association won the civil society pioneer of the year award, as handed out by the NGO round table foundation of Estonia. Really cool I think, that they're being rewarded for their efforts to push Estonia in a good direction in terms of innovation and collaboration. Anyway I've told my story about the spirit of my Gnosjö village to a couple people, how they have kept unemployment low through the decades and all. It seems that may turn into a proper public speaking engagement for me, trying to spread the word in Estonia, in which case you will hear more about it. Exciting stuff!

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