Thursday, February 10, 2011

The power of version control - Video published

Better late than never, Agile Estonia has published the talk I held there on the topic of "The power of version control". It definitely turned out into more of a seminar and discussion than a training, and I would have had to limit the scope a lot if I wanted to go deeper. However, in this setting we got to have som exciting discussion which I hope to elaborate on the conclusions of. Enjoy!

If you're interested in the topic of version control, DVCS and the necessary workflows, do check out my prezi below, the links in there, in particular my stackoverflow question, nvie's branching model with the support gitflow scripts. Also recently have been excited about Plastic SCM "branch per task" workflow.

"For the longest time first CVS, then Subversion, and recently Git or Mercurial tools have been used for version control and release management, often without knowing properly what benefits one is hoping to get from the tool, or how to achieve them. With the exception of those spending years figuring out how to manage these issues, many companies settle for the bare minimal solution, losing out on benefits of modern distributed version control systems (DVCS) which otherwise could enable critical efficiency improvements. This talk attempts to address the lack of discussion and resources available online when it comes to team version control workflows and release management and will discuss experiences with these issues and propose solutions.

The talk won't give any neatly packaged solutions, and may occasionally dive into complex details of DVCS, but the only pre-requisites are interest and attention, no earlier experience with DVCS is required."


Philip said...

Really nice presentation. I've not used mercurial or git, yet.. :-)

Could I perhaps look forward to a presentation with some deeper discussions regarding the pitfalls and lessons learned of branching models?

Philip said...

..or perhaps I should start by reading the Stackoverflow discussion, eh?

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Thank you! If you drop me your contacts, I could notify you when I get more documentation available, and help you along.

Essentially, making sense of the whole stackoverflow discussion is a waste of time, it's my whole development in understanding this topic. Instead I suggest you read up on what Plastic SCM write about task driven development (I intend to publish some communication with them ASAP):

Then, maybe Plastic is not your tool, so go ahead and attempt to adopt the nvie model with his supporting scripts:

Indeed, stay posted, I will keep this topic alive!