Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LeWeb 08 - "Employees suck!" according to John Buckman

Even though I haven't declared it in the blog, I have obviously been back in Tallinn several weeks since I was in Sweden. Anyway, today I'm sitting in the office trying to follow the pretty cool LeWeb conference in Paris (also as #leweb on twitter). Not very easy, considering they are having bandwidth problems, and my Firefox is imploding on itself.

Chris Anderson from TED held a fine presentation about distraction as the new sugar of the masses which we will all stuff ourselves to death with. Reminds me a bit of the audience graph from Disruptive Media 3 - there are plenty of people who react by attempting to step off this carousel. I was emberassed to learn today there actually are two different Chris Anderson in technology journalism - this one who is the curator of TED, the other one is working for Wired and is the author of "The Long Tail". So now you could learn from my ignorance :-) .

The coolest thing today so far though (at least since the link died before Joi Ito came on stage) was John Buckman - declaring "Employees suck!", it was a presentation about how to create your own startup. Very sound advice, and I enjoyed the way he delivered his message. Check it out below. His slides are by the way on slideshare, the Youtube of Powerpoint, I'm there as well.

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