Saturday, December 27, 2008

Microblogging - because who has time to pause to summarize life?

You know it's funny, but it's really when I am the busiest my blogs look the most inactive. While some give advice on how to succeed with your blog and manage to blog daily, I honestly think that my friends have better things to do than churning through the useless crap I have stressed out, and if it was my calling in life to produce quality articles continuously - I would rather work for a newspaper and get paid for it. I'm happy with typing up the occasional strike of insight, even if that means the blog is quiet for a week or two.

But still, it's nice to allow acquaintances to "keep up with you", and that's what I've started to use microblogging for. My friend Christian thinks of microblogging as "too much hot air" and even though I disagree with him, I'll do anything to return his link love. Microblogging has really become what blogging couldn't be for me. I use to post out to facebook, jaiku, twitter and some (because I don't want to choose, and it's not practical to visit them all manually), and then plug those services into EventBox which gives me essentially a strange chat room with comments from the lives of many of my online friends popping up while I'm at the computer. When I'm not by the computer, there's not really any stress to catch up either. I also can turn it of should I want to.

I'm a huge fan of our old IRC channel #basvrak and of course the Young Scientist's, and now I have the diffuse channel of the social internet as well. Splendid! So if you're curious about how I've been spending my holidays, why don't you have a look at, or, and maybe even get yourself an account there while you're at it!

There are loads of suggestions about how to put microblogging to it's best use, myself I like the concept of putting URLs on your thoughts and use especially Jaiku as a computerized, online public notebook, but everyone are free to invent their own habits. If you still think microblogging sounds strange, maybe you can take your time to check out the excellent video "twitter in plain english", explaining how "life [and microblogging] happens between blog posts". Now the thing I need to figure out is how to shake life into myloki for location, is there anyone out there who's actually gotten it to work?

Also, always remember, when you see an RSS icon ( ), click it to subscribe! Yes, that goes for the one on this blog as well. And while you're at it, if you haven't heard of Google Reader for keeping track of your blogs, you're gonna love me for suggesting it to you.

Go ahead and read more of my posts about microblogging, facebook or chat.


Gustav Nilsson said...

Have you seen/tested ?

It looks very interesting, I just have to find a beta code somewhere....

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

@Gustav: Umm, no, I've heard it mentioned but looking at it, I don't understand why I should find it interesting... I'm in love with EventBox and would want a hardware token-connected OpenID for myself, usable in all sites, then I'd be pretty much happy :-)

Let me see if I know anyone with an invite