Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exchanging ideas in good old Sweden

I just had a great chat at Café Muggen (got to add that to with Christian Rudolf and Peter Sandberg of / websmurf, about education, career, entrepreneurship, innovation etc. Thank you so much guys for taking the time to see me!

And to clarify to Christian, I just recently started up this blog to have somewhere to put whatever I'm personally interested in, whereas I use to write mostly about Sweden, Estonia and various types journeys in life. Maybe it's not motivated to split focus like that, but I it would only feel ok to litter a general blog with web2.0-stuff as much as I have done here, and I still felt like keeping my emigrant blog beside a general one, so that's what I have now. All normal people use a RSS-reader to keep track of their blogs anyway, so it doesn't matter either way, right?

Christian is by the way busy right now starting up (""), currently with a mission and focus to bring great antivirus, firewalls and anti-spyware to the masses. Peter is feeding his screaming baby Moyoume attention to launch a a novel use-case of MMS picture messaging and nice way to share your life in pictures with friends and family.

(Update: How nice, I lended Peter my "Johnny Bunko - The last career guide you’ll ever need", but had no idea he'd write an elaborate blog entry (in Swedish though) about Johnny Bunko and it's career advice. In a way, it feels like some sort of very sincere gratitude if he goes through the trouble of writing a blog post about it, makes me happy I let him borrow it. Thanks Peter!)

(Update 2: I bought that book at the Helsinki Academic Bookstore, and now I've been there again! What a place...)

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Christian said...

Peter is looking really young and innocent ;-)