Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cursing, catfights and god warriors

You could argue that I watch too much bad reality TV but I really don't follow anything, there's just a bunch of programs I watch if I catch them when the TV's on, really! This is a summary beside the obviously good programs like MythBusters, Top Gear and The Daily Show:

Trinny & Susannah Undres... is really cute, I love it how they shape up lives and relationships with simple advice and gentle nudges. How to Look Good Naked is a bit obsessed with well... nudity, but that also means I can't stop watching it. And it's cool. ANTM is mostly a lot of silliness and fighting but I watch it anyway, compared to American Chopper where I really enjoy watching the fighting (and the handicraft) since there no-one is so much treated as a scapegoat, it's just a highly conflictual work place.

The other day, I saw something amazing on Wife Swap. Everyone who knows me will have noticed how I can not avoid fighting ignorance or habitual dogma, it just boils over inside of me... and how I feel that is over-represented among religious people. Few share my obseission though, so I'm pretty often taken for a crusader... against something. Though what I saw on TV was both hilarious and scary, it was about how the tattooed and shaved wife of Steve Caddel swapped homes with a fundamentalist big mama. Neither felt like particularly balanced people, but judge for yourselves:

When I mentioned it to some friends though, they assumed I was talking about Trading Spouses and the episode with Marguerite "the God Warrior" Perrin. No I didn't, then I would have been rolling around on the floor laughing, or in fear. Here it's more clear who's the unhealthy person I think:

My opinion is that she seems to be battling guilt and fear in herself, like her obesity, relationship to her family or that her daughter became pregnant as a teenager. It is not healthy to project fear and defensiveness around you like she does, the world is not actually such a dangerous place. No-one was out to hurt her and the family she traded with was being extremely friendly and open including saying grace with her and visiting a church. Sure they had a particular house with gargoyle statues and rich influence from other cultures, but the solstice party was not very mystic at all, it was just reminding of the human unity and celebrating a bit with nice people.

This Christian does not make me believe more in the existance of God or the Devil, she just reminds me how easy it is for nutcases to create their own worlds and become engulfed in their own emotions. Really easy, so you beware too. She's seriously scary.

Seems that Perrin later both has achieved obvious meme fame, but both actually went back onto another season of Trading Spouses, as well as appeared on the Jay Leno show. She also has a myspace page. Plus her daughter (the dance-academy one) died in a car accident...

(Update: I sometimes read the Chick comics for comical value, they make criticizing evangelism so much easier - and fun!)

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