Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today the smurfs are creating a blogstorm

My friends Christian and Jesper of the websmurf group have decided to make today a blogging day, and I will of course participate from my side of the pond. For any non-geeks this may seem like an odd thing to dedicate your day to, but for one thing, they are dedicated to prove the power of blogging.

Today, one demonstration is to make UPS listen to my old friend Dan in his objection to how they are mistreating him as a customer and then strategically making him pay for them correcting their own mistake. Go Dan! Anyone interested in helping Dan or proving modern customer power, just link to that entry and make sure to mention "UPS" and maybe "customer care" in the anchor text.

I have in the "pipeline" to write about
  • Securing your own windows computer like a pro - for Christian at (Done, being processed before publishing)
  • Colonialism and spreading democracy - the speck in your brother's eye and plank in your own - for the Emigrant Blog
  • It's not "gaming" anymore, it's "e-sports" now - for this blog
  • How to encrypt using security tokens and S/MIME - like a professional - for this blog
  • The customer is always right - Engineers do not learn service -for this blog
  • Fysiktävlingen - for this blog
  • Social bookmarking - Finding the popular pages and reading the popular books - for this blog

I suspect I won't finish all that today... actually I won't even try to finish it all, it's nice just to have it in the pipeline too :-)

Hey guys, don't miss out making a visit to "Karin på Ön" as well, one of the coziest and strangest cafés I've visited in a long time.

Check back here for updates later.

(Update: Actually, I spent my evening reading and commenting at Blogge Bloggelito (not safe for work) about Göran Skytte and Russia annexing Ossetia, at and Tommy K Johansson. I'm pretty happy about managing to put together the last pieces of that security tutorial for Christian, finally! )

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