Sunday, August 24, 2008

iPhone 3G is released by EMT in Estonia

Estonian EMT has released the iPhone 3G too now. If I understand the newsletter correctly the contracts are all 24 months, so it's not comparable to the 18 months column above. I was saying that I think traffic should be cheaper in Estonia, but instead it seems they simply do not provide any "maxi" plan, and charge a bit more than Telia does in Sweden. My phone bills are currently too high, but I am not very excited about this deal.

price plantraffic includedmonthly feeiPhone 3G 8 GB,
tied 24 months
iPhone 3G 16 GB,
tied 24 months
i550100 minutes,
100 SMS, 100 MB
550 EEK
(= 329 SEK)
2670+24·550 =
15870 EEK
(= 9486 SEK)
3960+24·550 =
17160 EEK
(= 10257 SEK)
i890250 minutes,
250 SMS, 250 MB
890 EEK
(= 532 SEK)
1490+24·890 =
22850 EEK
(= 13658 SEK)
2780+24·890 =
(= 14429 SEK)


Henrik Ahlen said...

What a pity, I had hoped that there would be unlocked iPhones for sale in Estonia, just like in Italy.
Well, I just have to wait a little longer before Apple comes back to its senses.

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Sorry, seems like no can do. I mean, it may come, but what's your major issue, the commitment to a provider or the price of the unit in Sweden?

Even if you can buy an unlocked iPhone, it probably would cost you... considering it's likely to be subsidized if it's locked. Right?

Henrik Ahlen said...

I don't like being forced to use a certain network. It is like if Volvo came out with a new car and you could only buy petrol for it at Statoil stations!
And calling plans are not subsidizing the handsets, they just tie you up and spread you payments over 24 months. In Sweden you pay like 16.000 SEK over 24 months for an iPhone, that is not cheap! I would rather pay 6.000 SEK and own the phone and decide myself what operator I want to use.