Sunday, August 17, 2008

Young Scientists are looking for a web editor - but do they need one?

First of all, I do not feel that I have managed to uphold my commitment to FUF (Förbundet Unga Forskare, the Swedish Young Scientists Foundation) over the summer, writing, commenting on and contributing exposure to their activities.

Anyway, I noticed a few days ago that they are looking for a new web editor. It's a great thing and I encourage anyone in of highschool ("gymnasium") age to jump onto the task. It's great fun, very developing and a merit to be working with FUF.

In my own little pink world though... I wonder if there should be a need for employed editors? FUF should be able to leave it up to the crowd of the members, but until that day is realized, I again invite you to our IRC and Skype channels. See you on the Internet, eating pills!

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