Sunday, October 26, 2008

The amazing hacks of an amazing researcher

Maybe you remember from way back sometime in 2005 this crazy nerd running around with his "poor man's steadycam", a concoction of some metal pipes, weight, bolt and nuts, as featured on Hak5? (Wow, I just realized I had accidentally unsubscribed to Hak5, now I've got some ten great episodes to watch, yay!)

You don't? Well, turns out this same nutty nerd has really made it big with his Wii remote hacks on among other places.

So, of course I spent all last night checking out his amazing projects, the projector-based tracking is not bad either. Johnny Chung Lee is now a researcher of interface design and stuff at Carnegie Mellon Universityfor Microsoft Applied Sciences, and a productive one to add. Much more productive than the researchers I remember from Chalmers University, maybe they could inherit some these people's urgency to create amazing prototypes? I dunno. Anyway, not all that many of the "small people" have the opportunity to turn up several times in the limelight and I will continue to be amazed by and admire this guy - go Johnny Lee!

(Update: I am so gonna make these whiteboards myself)


Olof said...

It strikes me as quite apparent, that if our generation does put up our best efforts to change the world into a better place for everyone.. things will turn to shit pretty fast. Dare to geek.

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Mmm... yeeees? Sorry, your reasoning escapes me, and I suspect you lack a negation :-) Hey, make sure to check out "The Black Swan", and other videos on how to change the world! I am so following the development of Better Place.