Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just another gadget - now I want a Wii Fit

Ok, despite what people may think with all my gadgets, dance mat and stuff, I have actually stopped believing in gadgets for happiness. I don't have an iPhone, I don't have a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360, I'm just happy with what I have - a couple of computers, dance mat and my old PS2 (cue sarcastic giggle...) .

Anyway, today I discovered the Wii Fit, and the balance plate (think bathroom scales) associated with it. Actually I did so somewhat reluctantly, I mean, stepping up and down on a pad, trying desperately to fight that overweight, how fun can it be? Well, I was wrong, Wii Fit is actually probably the most varied, fun and advanced Wii game I've seen so far. Maybe not so much something you bring out at the party, but combining the "Mii" account management with actual exercise activity tracking creates what would seem a great everyday challenge, and the different exercize tasks also seem pretty interesting and varied.

Considering how persistent I can be sitting on my ass playing just another level in Burnout Revenge, if I am challenged to gather exercize minutes (and Wii Points which can be cashed in for emulator games online?!) and unlock more silly games and tasks, I think I could struggle quite hard.

What turned out one of the most fun games in my opinion definitely was the slalom balance game. Silly, hard, fun, lean forward to speed up, lean left and right to turn, and fight the rest of the family for the positions in the highscore list. Man, I have to get myself one of these sometime... Can anyone who has one tell me if they remain fun? Read more about it here, and check out the video below for what cool undocumented things you can do with a wiimote:


=E= said...

I just loved the hula hoop! Plus it's funny to watch others using it too. We were at Aare's and whereas Mirjam and I were trying to "balance the hula hoop on our hips" (wrong technique!) Aare discovered a totally amazing way to do it without hips. :)

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Haha, I wonder what that was! :-) Anyway, I think the Wii was fun for a bit initially as well, but what I wonder is if the Wii Fit may be more long-lived, just in terms of staying fun. I'm not quite sure yet. They have one here outside of Tartu now, and I've borrowed Marko's (Wii only, not Fit) for home a bit as well. If you wanna come play with me?... :-P

=E= said...

There's an easy answer - do you still play your tetris-game from 90's and is it the same fun?

Exactly. :)

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Umm... how to answer that... maybe? :-)