Friday, October 24, 2008

Build whatever you can imagine

I just stumbled over the Digital Fabrication Pool on flickr (or to be honest, I saw it in this old wired blog), and my what beautiful things they have!

This lamp is done through rapid prototyping, but I imagine that you could do pretty cool things with a regular printer, a carpet knife and a lot of creativity. Several of the things seems connected to the Processing language (the Processing.js demos are pretty amazing, but watch out so it doesn't crash weak browsers), which I'd want to learn as well.

Another favourite is of course Sketch Furniture by FRONT famous from Discovery Channel:

Me having worked at Lasercentrum and my brother being a former furniture carpenter and a professional CNC operator with access to a laser etcher... we have plenty of ideas but usually it's just too difficult to realize them. It's waking up and going back to the non-artistic reality :-) .

What do you want to build today?

PS. Wow, ok, I got totally stuck at the page of Bathsheba Sculpture - I want!!!

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